One day Mr. T's manhood is challenged. 
Hey!  I hear your woman Kathy Lee has been doin' the zero G Lambada with that freak Jar Jar Binks.
WHAT!  That sucka better not be messin with my woman!  I pity his sorry ass if he even looks at my bitch!  I'm gonna find out the truth!
So Mr. T asks around to verify the rumor.
WHAT?!?  I can't beleave that it's true!  Women find that sucka Jar Jar more manly then me!  It's a lie!
Hey Woman!  Who is more manly - ME or that fool Jar Jar Binks?
Maybe if I hold my hands like this, I will look like him and the women will dig me again.
 I can't believe it!  Even with the hands all the womens would rather date Jar Jar Binks then me!
 Mr. T then seeks professional help from our favorite sex expert, Dr. Ruth.
Meanwhile, Jar Jar and Kathy Lee pose for a public photo session and a few other things....
Well Mr. T - my advise is to demonstrate to ze woman in ze world that you are more of a man then Mr. Binks.  In other words, BUST THAT SUCKA UP!
Miso sexy!
Later Jar Jar goes and tells his friends how manly he is and mocks Mr. T.
Oh Kathy Lee Miso love it when you do that down there!
Miso have all the babes because Miso so manly and Mr. T is poo-doo!
Just then Mr. T arrives!  
Oh no! Miso scared of Mr. T!
I'll teach you to mess with my woman fool!
Mr. T is not so bad, Miso think can take out Mr. T.  Miso with sharp pointy stick.
No so fast sucka!  I got something helluva better then a pointing stick and I am gonna turn you into a hunka banta poo!
Oh no!  Mr. T has a helluva big gun!
I am gonna throw you helluva far sucka!
And once again Mr. T is victorious, throwing Jar Jar back to a galaxy far far away!
The  End!

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