Disparities in tardiness

I've noticed certain inequities in corporate America.  I'm not referring to the difference in pay between CEO's and their employees.  I'm also not talking about the disproportionate number of male managers verses female managers or even Caucasians managers verses Managers of Color. I speak to you today of the inconsistency between what is considered acceptable absences and tardiness of childless individuals and those who have chosen to spawn.  Although I have complained about some child related issues in the past, let me assure you that I do not hate children, or families or even parents in general. 


No; my complaint is clear.  It is with the preferential treatment that these parents get just for having spread their DNA across this ever so sparsely populated planet.  It's like we reward them for breeding.  On the same token, we punish others who don't fulfill the perceived breeding obligation.  This is frequently demonstrated in the gross disparity of excused absences in the work place.

For Rent

For example:



Person A is childless and has a cold.  He is expected to come into work.

Person B has a baby and her husband has a cold.  She is permitted to stay home with the baby.

Sun Bathing
Arm Wound

Person A is single and broke an arm.  Without even considering otherwise, she comes into work.

Person B "slept funny" because the baby was crying all night and now his neck has a kink in it.  He's working from at home for two days.

No Sleep

Person A is single and has company for the week.  He is informed that it's too busy to take time off, and therefore has to come into work.

Person B has a wife who just needs a break from the baby, and therefore stays home so his wife gets some quality time to herself.


Person A is single and bleeding inexplicably from every orifice.   He is asked to just come in and cover the morning shift.


Person B has a headache, but he has a baby.  So he stays home. 

Baby Ache

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