Okay, so I am revisiting the whole Craigslist topic.  In the past, we've explored people selling broken crap, like it's new; unreasonable demands for free stuff and various other displays of twisted human behavior.  Since Craigslist is an ever-renewable display of human crackheadedness; here is a new, brief, list that I collected.

I begin with the call I always wanted to make.



My first exhibit is the overvalued, badly photographed item.  For some reason, the seller just can't come to terms with the concept of depreciation.  Or maybe they have some misplaced sense of emotional attachment to the item.  Perhaps it belonged to their Uncle Frank, or their favorite cat used to puke on it.  You can't know.  But whatever it is, they want a billion dollars for it; even though the photo displays something that appears to be worth ten bucks on a good day.

Then there is the weird ugly thing, that the seller is clearly trying to ditch by any means possible.  They even give you usage suggestions, in case you are too dumb to figure out how to use it.  They say that you "must" see this in person to see how amazing it is.  This their ploy to suck you in.  They count on   you investing too much time invested to walk away.  So you end up with some hideous thing, that you paid too much for.

And then there is the weird garbage that someone has give some strange value to.  They think that someone may need their refuse for some odd art project or construction venture.  They feel so altruistic disposing of their trash by giving it to away to the needy.

Do you want more?  Does this amuse you at all?  Is there something else you want to see? Let me know.  Drop me an email!

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