Links! - my official author website, with information about  my other creative endeavors. - my original website, guaranteed to make your eyes bleed from it's bad layout and worse backgrounds.

Tales of the Left Hand - John Meagher's excellent swashbuckling podcast adventure, certain to keep you glued to your audio player!

88x31 The best page in the Universe.


Double Dragon Publishing - my publisher and an excellent source of well-crafted ebooks.

Here is a list of other talented Double Dragon Publishing authors:

Gary W. Babb


Hayley Barrett



Robert W. Birch


Brian Burt


Theresa Crater


Walter C. Conner


Nancy Eddy


J. Aldric Gaudet


Lee Gimenez


Justine Graykin


Donald Allen Kirch


Perry Lake


Thea Landen


Ben Manning

Ben Manning - Author




Linda Nightingale  


Jason Parent


Bill Parker


Thomm Quackenbush


T.R. Rankin


Bob Rich


Charles J. Schneider


Michael D. Smith

Francene Stanley 


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